My Trip to Southern California

This year I took a trip down to San Diego California. (It’s been in the works for two years) I wasn’t goingView full post »

Spring Showcase

Where do I began with this showcase……… Well it was  amazing of course!!! This was the last showcaseView full post »


I LOVE MY FAMILY!!! The good, the bad, and the crazy. I love them all. And I specially love my Aunts. <3 I was veryView full post »

Karie and Dave

The first time I meant Karie and Dave was about a year ago at my aunt’s wedding. ( Karie was one of theView full post »

Fall Showcase

Were do I began…….. This showcase was amazing from start to finish.  The talent is unbelievable. This timeView full post »

Tran Family

It’s hard for me to type some thing about Linda and her little family she has. Cause, I believe in order toView full post »

Hot Mama!!

Boudoir can mean a couple of things depending on what dictionary you are reading. In one dictionary Boudoir means a View full post »

Lights, Camera, Dance

Imagine this~ Flashy dresses and suits. Amazing and wonderful music playing in the background. The light at the perfectView full post »

Man’s Best Friend

A man’s best friend isn’t just a buddy that you hang out with on those so called football days. A man’View full post »

Baby Emric

When I got told I was gonna be an Aunt again, I was excited and over whelmed with joy. (Being an Aunt is pretty amazingView full post »